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About Playoffs Bracket

This site (and its auxiliary league-specific domains) are and have been a hobby of ours since 2003.

It began with one JPG that we updated each time an NBA team moved on. then we added green arrows to show wins.

In 2007 we converted the entire bracket to HTML and linked each win and team to more information.

In 2010 we increased the size of the bracket and elements, and added NHL.

In 2013 we completely overhauled the entire structure of the brackets, made them responsive (viewable on all size screens,) converted to resolution-independent graphics, introduced MLB and NFL brackets (in beta,) created this help/info page, made the brackets printable (in Chrome only, so far) and moved everything under the Playoffs Bracket umbrella. Whew!

MLB and NFL brackets are currently in beta as we iron out the more difficult to rank playoffs systems that involve wildcards.

This has been a fun hobby of ours and we look forward to adding more improvements in the future to enhance your Playoffs experience!

How Do We Create our Brackets?

A frequently asked question is how we create our brackets.

We start by scraping the league standings from a popular (and accurate) sports site. We use that info to plug teams into the proper spots on the bracket with PHP. Then we use HTML and CSS to produce what you see.

The brackets update dynamically throughout the regular seasons, but are updated manually during the actual playoffs. We have a single, solitary ad on each page to help pay for hosting and bandwidth costs.

Please let us know above if you have any feature suggestions!